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A Path In The Woods is a SHORT Horror game/walking simulator
made by Alexis Bourboin (Bourbs) in 2 weeks.

->    Approx. Gameplay Time: 10 - 20 mins

As a father, you decide to investigate the disappearance of your own son, Jake. He's been missing for 2 weeks and the nearest forest is the best place to look. Sadly, a fallen tree is blocking the road and you need to continue on foot. Good luck.

A Path In The Woods is my first game ever made.
I've been learning/creating/programming in
Unity since October 2021.

Feel free to post your gameplay videos
or feedbacks in the comment section. 
I will use these to further improve the game.

Thank you very much!

Donations : 
Paypal : bourbs.gd@gmail.com

Contact me : bourbs.gd@gmail.com
Itch.IO : https://bourbs.itch.io

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Gore, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky, Walking simulator


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hey ! jugue a tu videojuego y me gusto mucho aunque se me bugeo al final pero aun asi , muy buen trabajo !!! tienes talento !!! sigue asi : ) 

When are you gonna show us your next game ? 🙂

Great atmosphere, Level Design and Sound Design. Everything packed together nicely into a short little horror game.. Great Job and really excited to play your Upcoming Games

Fun hide-and-seek type game. I raged a lot, but that was no fault of the creator lol. I just am not too good at this kind of game. I did have fun with it ((game starts at 10:30))

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first game in the video. Really emjoyed it!

I find pixel horror games so much fun and they terrify me, yours did exactly that.

Check out my video. Sub if you enjoy 🙂

The game was amazing but as a side note. The Objective list is out of order near the end of the game. it caused me to spend half an hour looking for a key. I had the objective to go back to car before the key objective which made me think I needed to go to the bus to find they key. Other than that great game :)

This game made me feel very nostalgic it was just like the older games back in 2015.

I enjoyed it also I made a video :D

I so much fun playing 10/10 loved it I would love to play more games that you make 

Well done dev's. Great game. Had me nervous most of the experience. Game here: 

Please Subscribe to mt YT channel.

Not bad for a first game. Had fun.

Loved the atmosphere and the game is spooky. Kept me in the edge of my seat. 

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Loved how the game kept me feeling disturbed as well as on edge and creepy atmosphere i gotta say. Hate the turns that i had to take in the public washrooms to find an item. The game plays with your mind sometimes i feel. Good job devs!

Here's MY VIDEO!!

i absolutely loved this experience..

Nice! Glad that you liked it.
Thank you for playing and for the video :)

A fun short game, i didn't understand the story or the ending but it was spooky, looking forward for more games by you. :D

Thanks for the feedback and for playing! :)

Nice game

Thank you! :)

Really great experience, I'm not a game dev myself, but I'm sure they'll only get better with time! Excited to see what else you'll put out there!

Only thing that was a little frustrating for me, was how... undefined? The path was, other than that, nothing that can be fairly stated against someone new!

Thank you for taking your time to leave feedback!
I will definitely keep that in mind :)

Hey DEV, I wanted to say that I enjoyed the old-style PS1 horror theme. I do have a few critiques by saying it wasn't very scary but some parts (like the car) did make me jump. Yes I had a creepy sense to it but I wish you added more to it instead of just like "walk around and touch items" with no real lore to the reason as to why I need to get those items. Overall I enjoyed it and so with my video I added some background noise/music to fill the forest atmosphere. Come check it out if you want!

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Thank you for playing the game and for leaving feedback!
As said few times to other people, I had some limitations during the development of the game because I've been using Unity for only a couple weeks now and I'm still trying to learn everyday.

However, I will definetly use your comment to improve my upcoming games, thanks again ;) !

Great pixelated horror game, loved the build up of tension. You created a great creepy experience, I was expecting to be hunted repeatedly. Really did well on the sound design, hope to see more from you in the future.

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Nice video:) Thank you for playing my game!
Glad that you enjoyed it 

This game was SOO good with a little fine tuning it can be one of the best itch.io games I've played!! If you wanna see my blind reaction heres my video!! the game starts at 5:35 

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The school bus audio "jumpscare" part is perfect hahahah! Thanks for the kind words, glad that you liked the game! :)

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Ayye thanks for playing, glad that you liked it!


When I played this game, I liked the way it flowed, there were good ambient parts of the game that got me, the thunder was one that scared me multiple times, lol. However I liked how there were those voices in the well. The only part I would have changed would have been have a knowing threat, ambience is good, but if there is a threat, you have something constantly scaring you. In some cases the tension of the reveal of the enemy is a good factor, however the ending of this game results in you being killed by the antagonist. That's just my opinion on the game though, even with its flaws, I still think its a terrific and impressive game, I can only wish that I had the kind of talent that goes into creating a game like this. If you are curious on my full reaction, I posted a video of me playing it on my youtube channel below.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, for playing the game and for making this awesome video!

For the "knowing threat" part of your feedback, I'm totally on your side, but sadly, with knowledge of Unity, I wasn't able to create and animate a nemesis for my game. But stay tuned for my upcoming games, I will definitely try to do this :)

Really Enjoyed it. For the short amount of time it took to create it it was actually terrifying and awesome background sounds.

Nice video, glad that you enjoyed it!
Thank you for playing :)

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Hi, Bourbs

I really like this game and this game is very fun, I also made my Latest video content on youtube, but my video will be published Today at 11 am [GMT +7] (I use schedule video).

I hope you like my videos ^_^

Thank you Bourbs, I always support you ^_^


A Path In The Woods [an short Horror game about He's been missing for 2 weeks] | Full Gameplay

Nice, thank you for the video and for trying the game :) !

This was very creepy and was a fun short horror game

Awesome video, nice timing with the "Oh god..." ahah ;)
Thanks for trying out my game!

your welcome and thank you for watching lol

This was very well done! Really enjoyed the buildup as I searched around! The pixelated horror style has always been a favorite of mine! Great job! 

Awesome video, thanks for trying out the game.
Glad that you liked it!

Thank you I appreciate that and of course! I look forward to more!

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A short and sweet horror game. Maze could be a little shorter since it's practically most of the game's content for people who get lost or wanna explore the entire thing. A great game for being created in only 2 weeks

- Leaving Sunset

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) !

me encanto este juego y me asusto mas de lo que pensé muy buen trabajo

Muchas gracias :-)

great game, not too clear on what to do, but not hard to figure out on your own! awesome experience!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

I Had Fun Playing This Game! The Story Took A Turn For Sure Haha! 

Nice video :) thanks for trying out the game!

Thank You For Watching! 

hi, big thx for the creepy game. greetings from rosti 😘

Thanks for trying out the game!

Hey yo nice game!! I really liked the style of the game and the ending, I really enjoyed it, I hope to play more of these styles

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Thank you so much! :)

I love games like this good job ;) 

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it :)

you're very welcome !!!;)

Leave me alone mom! I am going to the woods for the ambience! I love pixelated horror games and this is chefs kiss. I got lost in the maze for a while, but follow the blood trail and you should be. Getting lost is part of the fear especially when I heard whispers from beyond. You really played on the audio extremely well. Maybe a little more direction since I got lost quite a bit on where I was supposed to go. Thank you for creating this game it starts at 25:37.

Hey, glad that you liked the game! Yes, in the maze the goal is to follow blood trails so that you can find the teddy bear and your way out haha :) Thank you for the video and for try out my game!


Glad you liked it, thanks for trying it out!

Creepy game. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Thank you very much :)

Short and scary, i was thinking there is other endings than die by jack, but as i see in comment here there isnt, i hope there more, i like pixeld games like this, hope to see more from you :)

here is my gameplay if you have time ill be glad to take a look at it 

Thanks for the video, glad you liked the game!

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Thank you very much :)

It's pretty good! :)

Some thoughts I had while playing the game:

- I liked the atmosphere with the rain and the sounds in general, the moments they triggered, the music... good job there, it was well done

- The graphics were nice, I really like that style

- Small detail, I thought that the objective was a bit gamey with the number "(3)". I thought: how do I know that I should find 3 things?

- I would have liked the path in the woods to be a little bit more defined, at least in the beginning. I was thinking that the character was trying to go through that path with a car, but it felt more like a forest

- When the "Press F to toggle your flashlight" prompt appeared, I was a bit confused and I was expecting something more. I thought that turning off the flashlight was going to involve some gameplay (seeing hints or creepy things when the flashlight is turned off for example)

- I liked that you could simply approach items to interact with them

- Near the first piece of paper, it felt like I could walk in the woods but there was an invisible collision (I think placing some grass, branches and rocks to delimit the path would fix it)

- I would suggest to put a gender neutral bathroom sign (just a nice little exclusivity detail). With the male/female bathroom sign, I expected to see the same signs in the building

- The objective to find the teddy bear appeared before I stepped on the note about the teddy bear so it felt a bit random at first

- I thought that the shower in the labyrinth building was clever, because hearing the running water was helping me orient myself

- When it was time to get out of the building, I thought that the "behind you" voice line should have triggered when I was going the wrong way... It was weird that I was going in the right direction and a voice was telling me to look behind (it felt like a false hint?)

- After finding the baseball cap, I noticed that there was a sound of the grating falling off - it was a good hint, but I would consider adding a visual hint too

- I enjoyed that the game was mostly creepy (just one jumpscare) and that the audio was balanced. Since it's your first game, I was afraid that some sounds would be too loud, but you nailed it!

- In the camping ground, after getting a bit lost in the labyrinth and in the well area, I felt some fatigue because I felt really lost and I was struggling to find my way. I would have liked to have a bit more pointers

- The thunder after picking up the soccer ball felt a bit forced, I think it might be covering the sound of the journal being updated too

- The sound of creaking branches in the woods, before arriving to the cabin with the man... that was quite creepy. Good job, I didn't want to look back lol

- I expected the character to say something when finding the person in the cabin... "Oh god..." or something like that

- When I found the key, I had completely forgotten about the locked door in the beginning... The character could maybe comment on having seeing a door earlier? Not sure.

- I didn't understand the drawing near the end. The drawing looked like a path, a door, an X and the number 7... Now that I'm staring at it in my video and writing this, I think it is pointing to the key, but I really didn't get it while playing lol

- I thought that the last message could have been "me" instead of "you". I dunno, I felt like I was playing a character, not playing myself

Good game! It was mysterious and intriguing and it kept me interested :)

Hi maneige, thank you for taking time to review my game.
Those comments are REALLY helpful and relevant.

I will use these to update the game very soon,
and I will also apply them to my upcoming games.

Unfortunately, because this is my first creation, my Unity
knowledge isn't that great, and as written above, I've been learning the engine since maybe 2-3 months.

Overall, I'm glad that you liked the game and the atmosphere.
Thank you again for the comments!

I was killed by Jack. Does the game have many endings? Or only death

The game is very good and fun, and the horror atmosphere is very good!

Sadly, yes there is only one ending. 
Thank you for your kind comments, glad that you liked it!

This was the first game I played in the video. I love the great build of atmosphere and tension as you wander through the dark woods and mazes! Ending had me a little shook but I enjoyed this! WORTH A PLAY!
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Thank you so much:) Loved the video! 

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